Sunday, 14 December 2014

She is OURS

Did I REALLY last post when she was 5 months? SO much has happened in the last four months but mostly..Well she is OURS FINALLY legit and British :)

Here is my OFFICIAL British daughter and her Daddy

and our annual Xmas lunch with the besties.

Here is my xmas reindeer babe with her xmas mama.

We are also hopefully moving to a beautiful house with lots more room for us and the princess (fingers x) Bella's is still under the allergy people at GOSH (luckily we see him at the portland) and the poor mite is allergic to everything and so far weaning is "carrot".. About to decorate for the holidays and looking forward to seeing all the sides of the family!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

5 months

Our AMAZING little princess at 5 months. Pinching ourselves daily! <3

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Naming Day

Its been so long but we have been so busy it is probably a no brainer that Im not really blogging anymore! But to update y'all. We are blissfully happy with Bella, she is so beloved and beautiful and we now feel our family is complete and so is our happiness. I honestly couldn't want more from life (other than to have less health issues) Her reflux "seems" to be improving on her medication and her Allergy again "seems" to be under control...

She is swimming many times a week at Granny's pool, our country club and now Aquatots classes.

We had the most wonderful sunny meaningful naming day on friday, with just Godparents and spouses and a few family members, B was very spoilt and loved and we all had a great day by the beach with a big lunch and then Pimms and cream tea and croquet by the pool at the in laws. Everyone bought a flower and a wish for B and we then cast the flowers into the water. I have a box of letters for B for when she grows up to read too :) here are a few piccies...

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Hello again and thankyou for your patience will be back soon!

Its been a while!!! I am amazed that people are STILL checking on this blog despite me hardly posting...I have been so busy with a poorly Bella and a poorly elderly dog...I don't want to be a debbie downer so I will keep the negatives short...B has terrible reflux the poor thing is like a turtle she simply CANT be on her back. Between the reflux and the allergy she has been to the hospital 2x and presently has oral thrush, and an ear infection...and is on soooo many meds... 16 (yes 16 syringes a day right now) HAVING SAID THAT....She is smiling away and cooing and squealing and I don't think it will be long until she laughs. She is growing and growing, She is still loving baths and swimming and cuddling. Last night we had a HUGE thunderstorm and she slept through it all I actually had to check she was breathing! She loves her various seats she has about the house her mamaroo rocker in particular. Fathers day tomorrow and we have some sweet surprises for Daddy, its nice to be able to celebrate it again after losing my daddy in 2006. She loves being outside and staring at the leaves...We had out first trip to the beach where we are doing her very intimate naming ceremony. Mummy realised she REALLY needs to either get a spray tan or a sunbed! Mummy also needs to stop posting pics on the interweb with scraggy hair and no makeup ha ha!! Oh well this IS me, I will dress up for going out etc but at home and mooching about? Well it is what it is..

trying my mamaroo out at grannys house....

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Tongue tied!!!

B had a lip AND tongue tie lasered off yesterday by a paed dentist, apparently it can hugely affect her feeding and make reflux worse! Also it was the most severe type and the Dr who did it is not trigger happy with his laser so she must of really needed it. I was lucky to find it as it should hopefully help. Right now though B is hating me!!! She was very sleepy after her vaccinations, but only cried for the "stingy one" the nurse said she was very brave.  The last few days have been a nightmare of screaming due to vaccination fever, sore mouth and hating the allergy milk!!! Poor thing....Im hoping its all for the best in the long run, cruel to be kind and all that. Just want to enjoy my babe :( Mind you she smiled a big REAL smile for the first time the other day which was LUSH. She loves lying on my left boob and gazing at me and smiling, super cute. Bella has gone to Granny's and Im going to SLEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPP and eat a box of waitrose cupcakes and have a long bubble bath, after chiro as my back and neck is in spasm from literally wrestling Bella to force feed (poor thing but she HAD to drink as its been quite hot) I think Daddy and I will get a takeaway curry or stuffed pizza tonight and have a snuggly sofa night...ooohhh bliss! Bella I miss you but mummy is BROKEN.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Havent posted in a while!!! 8 weeks :)

Because we are so blinkin busy!!!! Poor B has dreadful reflux and we saw the consultant yesterday who also thinks she has a cows milk protein allergy, so we are on nutramigen added to the ranitidine then omeprazole and then neocate. She HATES the nutramigen, we are weaning off aptamil and onto this, I hope to remember the "reflux/allergy hell days" with a laugh in a few yrs!!!! Back to see him in 2 weeks.  Bella only drank 2 onz at bedtime which was not great but amazingly she slept till 7.15am!!!???!!! Cant use the perfect prep with this milk which is a bit of a bummer as love that machine!

today was my 35th bday :) Woke up by Daddy and B and got very spoilt then we took the doggies for a nice walk by the pond and then went for an amazing piggy lunch at my fave local. Then we bought icecream cones and chocolate sauce and clotted cream and icecream and ate that all afternoon, the whole tub ooops (aka 3 icecreams each!)

Tomorrow its 8 week vaccinations joy..poor ickle person and on tuesday we are seeing a paediatric dentist as she may have a lip and posterior tongue tie which could drastically alter her horrendous feeding if she does have one/both.

cant believe she is 8 weeks time has FLOWN.

Here she is in her first sunny dress for Mummy's bday lunch <3

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Already out of some clothes :(

B whilst not thriving with her relfux has clearly grown as she is now out of her very first clothes, Im going to collect the sweetest ones up to make into a memory teddy or quilt.. Its a bit sad she is out of those first things...Any friend of mine who has a girl is going to get so lucky I have hundreds of things she never wore as she was so much smaller than we were told and we left Chicago before she had time to wear all these lovely wintry things!!! Granny and I must go over what we DO have she fits in that is the right "season" ASAP...I must say im looking forward to her being in her 3-6mnths stuff she has some really cute little dresses from Goosie and lots of people to wear!!